High-Throughput NGS Services

HLA, KIR, MICAB, Fcγ receptors, and more

Fast, accurate, affordable

1-week turnaround

ScisGo™ HLA v6

DNA input as low as 10 ng

All ASHI nulls detected

DNA to Data in 30 hrs

ScisGo™ CHIM v5

Next-Generation Sensitivity, down to 0.1%

Simple, PCR-only protocol

DNA to Data in 12 hrs

Upgrade from SSOP to NGS

Use ScisGo™ Kits for all HCT and solid organ samples

Phased 3-field genotyping results

Simplify your laboratory

At Scisco Genetics our mission is to enhance patient outcomes by providing high quality sequence-based genotyping solutions and services for complex immune gene systems.

NGS HLA Kits - ScisGo™ HLA v6

The HLA region – one of the most polymorphic in the human genome – contains genes that are central to the immune response. Our HLA kits, in facilitating fast and accurate allele typing, foster a fuller understanding of disease associations and help to improve transplantation outcomes.

NGS Chimerism Kits - ScisGo™ CHIM v5

Our 4-reaction Chimerism assay employs simple to perform laboratory steps and takes advantage of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to advance chimerism testing into the next generation of sensitivity and accuracy.

Genotyping Services

Scisco Genetics offers flexible and affordable genotyping services for a variety of research and clinical applications, delivering high-quality data with minimal turnaround time.

NGS for Solid Organ Transplants

Compared with the SSOP system, NGS technology virtually eliminates HLA typing ambiguities, providing higher resolution with far fewer sample manipulations and less consumables.

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ASHI 44th Annual Meeting 2018

October 1-5, Baltimore, MD

Laboratory Compliance

CLIA: 50D2042749

ASHI: 03-4-WA-05-1