High-throughput, fast, accurate, affordable services

Scisco Genetics offers flexible and affordable genotyping services for a variety of research and clinical applications, delivering high quality data with minimal turnaround time.

Service Offerings

HLA genotyping

Class I sequence based typing

  • HLA-A,B,C: exons 1-7

Class II sequence based typing

  • DRB1/3/4/5, DQA1, DQB1, DPA1, DPB1: exons 1-4

*Data are phased to a minimum of 6 digits, including all known null alleles.


HLA and KIR typing

Using high throughput next generation sequencing technology, we provide fast, accurate, and affordable high-resolution HLA and KIR typing services. Our methods enable simultaneous processing of hundreds or thousands of samples, minimizing costs and turnaround times. Using the structures of 37 KIR gene content haplotypes, we developed a KIR haplotyping assay that can report unambiguous combinations of KIR haplotypes from an individual. Allelic typing is also available for select KIR loci.

Typing of other target genes

We also provide high-resolution typing for the Fc-gamma receptor gene family and MICA and MICB genes, as well as Chimerism testing.

Interested in bigger pieces of the genome?

Want to build your own database?

We are happy to work with clients to develop a database through fosmid-based sequencing of extended genomic regions.

7 major KIR haplotypes